Prayers for Celebrations

Wedding Prayer

Let us thank the Divine
For the perfection of two:
For man and woman
For summer and winter
Day and night
Sun and moon -
And all things in balance
That have been so
Since the beginning of time

The Beloved gave us two
In love, in life and in nature,
From the birds that fly -
To the deer that run through the long grass;
From the joy of young lovers -
To the tender romance of the old.

In cold lands and warm
Both near and far
The beauty of two -
Husband and wife
Is strong and sublime:
From the poorest humble home
To the most glorious palace
We celebrate marriage
And the sheer joy of true love.

And with this sacred knowledge
Let us hold two thoughts in our hearts:
Let us remember
That there is no one,
Not one single soul
That walks alone on this earth;
For your guardian angel is always with you.
And let us remember
That this blessed moment
This sacred union
Is a divine ritual,
A celebration of the perfection of two
And their love for each other:
For it is love, such as theirs
That opens the gates
To the realms of harmony and joy
Shared with family and friends

Blessed with happiness and laughter
Which is why we offer
Our thanks for this most sacred day -
And this most sacred world
And the Beloved
That loves us all.

The Godparent’s Prayer
(For baby blessings)

The child that feels the wind
The child that hears the sound of the waves
The child that is radiant in the light of the sun
The child that is touched by the perfection of the moon -
Is truly blessed.

Little one,
You are adored and nurtured by your parents
People of love and gentleness
You are loved and admired by your grandparents
But you and you alone
Are my godchild
And I have been entrusted with this role.
And it is with respect
To all things sacred
That I will follow your steps
And spiritual pathways
Committing myself
To you –
And the wishes of your parents
And the beloved spirit
That is the mother of all things
And the father of all things
That brought you here and now.
Blessed Be

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