Prayers for Peace


Give me an empty bowl
That waits to be filled
Holding promise
In this moment
Who knows where to find it?
Hidden behind a beating heart?
Wherever one goes
Lone, alone
Sitting, moving, standing
It is elusive
Who needs it?
Yet without it
There is envy
It is given to those that cannot hear
People of the desert
The mountain priest
Is there anyone, anywhere
That owns such peace?
A dweller alone
In perfect stillness and seclusion
Let us rest in it
Let us cherish it
For it is ours
Yours and mine
In meditation
And for the asking
Bless this silence

May This Morning

May this morning
Bring you light
May this day
Unfold like a flower
When you step into the air
Let the breeze stroke your cheek
The same messenger
That rides on the roar of the sea
And rages through gentle leaves
In great trees
Over your head
The feathery clouds
In the blue sky
Are wild chariots
Stormy tides
Carrying birds on the wing
Angels and distant dreams
With all this
You are blessed
Before you open the door
Before you leave your bed
And long before you awaken

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