Universal Prayers

To the Universal Divinity

I call upon the One
And the spirits and souls
Both visible and invisible
Great and small
That embody the forces
Of love and wisdom.

I ask you
To love us -
Care for us -
Heal us -
And sanctify us.
For it is you
Above all things
I love -
With all my heart
And all my mind.

May this blessing be revealed
By the divinity of my true self
And may the light within me
Shine now
And for always.

Open the Heart

Open up:
To the sky -
To the sea -
To a child
To your sister
To the world.

Unfasten your soul:
And hear the sweet song of a bird.

When you step into the open air -
The breeze brushes your cheek like a lover
And when you stop and listen
The wind will call you
The rustling leaves
Will speak of tranquillity -
Recalling water and the gentle tide.

If you close your eyes
You will make a discovery:
The world knows you are there -
It knows you as a child
Or maybe an ancient tree
Holding a thousand spirits
In the loving embrace of your branches.

When you hear these words of love
You will see the flower I gave you,
You will breath in its fragrance,
Admire its beauty,
While it rests in the palm of your hand.
How fragile and delicate it seems!
Open, perfect, light as a feather
Radiant as sunshine
Mysterious as a moonbeam.

The flower is the wisdom of your heart
It grows in the garden of time without end
Nurtured by the One that cares;
It is the force of love -
The passion that made us all
In the mysterious garden of the universe.

Open up
And be blessed,
Joining with the Spirit, with love, as One.

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