Hypnotherapy & Visualisation

Hypnotherapy is a powerful source of self healing. Most of us know what we want in our lives. In order to bring about inner change, hypnosis can be used to enable us to focus on the positive changes we may want to bring about in ourselves - whether it’s to lose weight, stop smoking, feel happier, pass a driving test, reduce blood pressure or simply feel more calm and confident. A wide range of physical conditions can be significantly helped by hypnosis; creative people can also benefit from it - writers, musicians, speakers and performers, who use it to enhance their output to great effect. Anthea has helped people with all sorts of physical and mental concerns and aspirations using hypnotherapy. Very often this treatment is not only enjoyable, it makes one feel happier and more confident overall.

Anthea Ballam is a qualified hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner.

Visualisation is a powerful and useful skill that can help
people in many ways. Anthea uses it in a group situation
in guided meditations, and also on a one-to-one basis
for people with certain physical problems.

Visualisation and cancer: visualisation is often extremely valuable in helping those suffering from cancer and other serious illnesses. If a client is undergoing chemotherapy, or wants to strengthen their resolve in remission, the use of images and ideas can help greatly, bringing about a more calm and controlled approach to the illness. Having suffered from cancer herself, and used visualisation to help deal with it, Anthea has a personal belief in its value, as well as a strong empathetic link with those suffering from the disease. 

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